Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It was not once but twice in as many nights that circumstance had me around there. The moon, either full or almost full, and I noticed it in the background both times like something that catches the eye, but to most people is prosaic, so one doesn’t bother mentioning it. I liked mostly the buildings that had painted bricks. One was the darkest green I had ever seen while others popped red, white, and other. The bricks around many windows seem to have an extra design, an actual character, and are noticeable, pronounced, whereas we don’t usually notice the perimeter of a window sill. These are bricks with a soul, and they come together so well, while the rooftops and doorways are also well-wrought. At least there, some difference is shown. Not a bad mix of people, - different backgrounds and whatnot. 

One of the windows on one night actually had a black cat that came up and surveyed the
street and its scene. Dusk had just ended and the electric lights were really going on. Perhaps that was his routine and each evening he goes to take a look, feel some air. He is like a king in his own right (or a queen). The water is not bad around there and starts down from the cop shop, continuing outwards. Some birds, squirrels, a restaurant at the start and that one in particular and unfortunately looks a bit yuppie-ish, though I don’t think people use that word anymore, but still, it’s not so bad,- mostly outdoor.  A water fountain shoots up liquid right in the middle and sometimes they have concerts in behind there. They have redone the area and a certain flat asphalt part acts as a skating rink in the winters and doubles as whatever else in the off-season. There are wonderful lights, - sometimes or somehow purplish hued, - that wait overhead.

The stores and eateries are more interesting than the usual set of places in the outer areas in all directions from there. Ice cream stores, outdoor areas, industrial chic, little (though it’s a word I try not to use because I almost deplore it, but ‘quaint’ places,- for people who like quaint. And there are regular bars and restaurants,- one great one just down the way that sits up a hill where a huge maple and oak overlook the patio, the street, and its got a good aura. Lots of dog walkers, plain walkers, and the library sleeps just in behind it all,- its pages closed, its stories paused, only soft and sparse lights on then,- because the other time,- the more moving, lively, talkative, extroverted places and people have awakened to the night and its charms. 


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