Friday, July 22, 2016


A heat wave and the buildings under construction are stalled. The high scaffolding sits and waits. Not even flies are buzzing around. Yards upon yards down the ways, - the residential set, - and some great tiger lilies have managed a try towards the sun. If you look closely they have intricate colorings and shades. The old ethnic barbers, full of soul and wit, life experience and kindness still, sit outside together chewing on toothpicks. One has a coffee cup and the other glances over to the parking lot to survey the day. They are all shirt sleeves and good values, pant legs and shoes, chain and watch and ring. The sun can’t be found. It’s so godamned bright it has blotted itself out! But we sure can see and feel its work. Clouds sit watching. The stores are unique. One has incense burning under a stone Buddha, - and there is a mirror in front. There are stones, small renderings of things, esoteric texts, amulets, talismans. It’s been so long I forget most of the names. I pick one up and it is vibrating, positive, - and the feeling goes through my arms and then my whole body. Some necklaces are suspended above the counter behind- cabochons, intricate designed ornaments of other things that seem to have copper, pyrite, other and other. Altogether they make for a textured and interesting sight. It feels as if some Gnostic secret is hidden among them if only one could have some time, could touch the right stone, the right metal,- or see from the exact correct magical angle. Then, an angel might appear! They have everything. It’s a good feeling, and the patrons shuffle in and out and in and out again. Then the bright light, the invisible sun, - the building with the scaffolding looking down the way the clouds look down. Abandoned for now. We go off and join the traffic that meanders through the streets and I think for a second that rain is like a dream that never came to fruition. 


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