Thursday, July 21, 2016


The city was hot, dusty, and the air had become thin. The radio kept warnings on for the elderly, the young, the ones with health concerns. It was also as if allergies or rather allergens were having a field day, and summer colds also. Large trucks still brought themselves to work the construction zones and this caused more dirt particles to muddy, to thicken the air. How a good storm was needed, how  certain long watering form the skies,- thunder, lightning, even a bit of hail. But instead the heat continued. Late at night the radio shows spoke on the paranormal, the earth changes, the underground governments. They had guests that were involved with the occult, the paranormal,- and the listeners could learn about strange and sometimes off the wall ideas- tarot, divination, past lives, ancient aliens. But, inside of that flowery and odd talk,- the guests themselves sometimes half off the wall, three quarters mush for brains,- or simply deceitful in order to sell books and seminars and make a name- there were often a few sentences that rang true, that caused the listener pause for reflection. And the air conditioners boomed and blasted, the pool filters hummed, the ice machines ran ragged and made certain grumbling noises like monsters, but these would be good monsters. And the classes,- not education ones,- but the caste system of society,- not overt,- not codified anywhere, but still demonstrable and even deplorable. The affluent stuck together, the other,- yes they too,- and the chasm between the two was had grown stronger in recent decades and was now large,- getting ready to sprout exponentially. But that is a lot for the summer heat wave. It was not bad, for a soul,- to read some books,- to sit and watch the sky,- to wait for the rain that was not yet coming. The city was hot, dusty, and the air had become thin. 


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