Saturday, July 30, 2016


A long travelling stretch there and on both sides are tall trees that want to kind of arch over
and make a natural green rainbow if a rainbow could for an instant break the rules and be such a color plus made of leaves and branches. The clouds, seen far and far in the distance like leaven bread, risen, full, light and robust. A rabbit is startled and runs. He or she looks tall for a rabbit. Maybe it is the hind legs fully extended and throwing the body forth. It, like I said of something else before recently, - is more like a vision or dream than something real. There is nobody around that area. The forest is silent and then birds chirp, sing, flutter, and fly. On the sides of old logs some mushrooms grow and they are darkish, as if colored in by a nature’s marker. Red berries loom large, though they are small, the colors juxtaposed- red against green background. Beyond the green it is so shady that the feeling is of an interesting abyss, cavern, and passageway. Morning butterfly flits ‘round some unnamed wildflower. Old tractors and light green plants with yellow flowers stand proudly, adroitly, before them. A morning pontoon plane, distant, almost a speck. The bees have left, migrated, for now, - something. And then the circle with the sand pit and the dogs run, play, dance, jump, sniff, sprint, circle,- and their limbs and brains and spirits get the proper stretching and inspiration, exercise and air, exposure to the open air, grasses, gravel, grains, general goodness. Its early, so they are well and I am well,- and if the next hours turn to hot and humid, we have by arriving early, shown a certain discipline and even won a small victory today. And one day at a time is how it goes. A long walk out by the shaded thickets, chaparral, ridges, tops of valleys, and berries again. Then the stretch on both sides where the tall rainbow trees try and cover us.


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