Monday, May 16, 2016


Before the rain we saw the meandering pathway quiet and still. Sometimes a cry would come from the whistling trees though. The wind brought itself down from the skies and carried on through there for moments until it was heard and heard and heard. The top of the world was becoming gray, overcast, and thick with itself. Though this almost completely opaque thing went a jumbo jet, - there it is, between clouds, and there it goes, - away, hidden, like a phantom. Then, a few minutes later, another one came. Only a few souls arrived around there, and that was towards the end. Some of the wildflowers perished or curled up for the cold and rain, while others, like the Trilliums, proved resilient and went the distance. In fact I think more lived than not. The black parts of trees or mostly trunks are still there, where the lightning had struck a long time ago. We did not go see the old fugitive’s car, or the coyote, deer, or wild turkey. Oddly enough I don’t remember even seeing a little black squirrel or a chipmunk. No, none of the usual suspects were present this time. It was just a walk, routine, step for step for step that is not extraordinary or else cursed. At the end came some rain, first in just a few drops, but then more pronounced. We had to deal with the careless drivers, the tailgaters, and the so on. A big fountain sprouts up water on the way. It’s odd, to see water spraying in the air whilst water is falling down from the air. Water against and then with water. The sight of water, with no sound, because we are too far away. The old tractors sit, waiting, by the new tractors, for something to do. The earth is on pause. It’s a liminal time before the real summer swings into action. That is when the coyotes will run, the sun will have fun, the squirrels will scurry to and fro, the stream bubble, the sand will even be brighter, more distinct. The land will awaken from its dream and live. Providence will pay a visit and hence the world will be borne…
That is when the bees and the breeze shall buzz.


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