Friday, May 27, 2016


It could be seen that rain was going to arrive. It was a matter of when. The clouds that were white seemed to stay above while some moody and darker ones, saturated, pregnant, came and slipped underneath those. There they waited, like something patient that knows its time will come. I was a bit disoriented in that I took a different path and thought I met with a ridge way that led to another part of the valley. But I followed it on. I still don’t know exactly where I was or how I got there. Right at that spot, and for about five hundred feet in all directions, there are different paths and by-ways. The avenues of the forests, and some are crescents while others cul’du sacs. It’s not dissimilar from a regular city map in an odd way. Everyone knows where the main highway is, but the farther you veer off into the side roads and back roads, the less in known. But I stayed the course and made my way up to the top, and then down to where I recognized things. If I get lost, which is seldom, I actually go slower, breathe slower, take even more pictures, and pace myself in order to remain calm, avoid any mishaps, and so on. That is what I did. But as I think back, I still wonder? - Where the hell was I? - Picture this, - the walker is on the left side of a valley. Then he goes away from the valley, further to the left and proceeds in the same direction, parallel, with the valley technically on his right, but far away. Then, in a few seconds, the valley appears. The valley must meander to the left, and the chaparral, new summer growth which is coming fast, combination of sun and light rain that was coming- all the shapes and changing shapes of everything, must have made for a slight disorientation. The valley must zig zag exactly there. That is the only explanation and there are not two valleys that I know of anyhow. It was like the valley followed me! In any event, out of there, though the rains had begun, something told me to walk another five minutes further because then the dogs would have a chance, if the desire was there, to run through the sand pit and beyond. It was the best decision because this is what they did. Apparently the larger one had not stretched his legs properly or had a good sprint. This is what he did- zooooooom- like anything, - across the sands, up the dirt, back around the trees, down and up a green summit, then across the open field and back in a large arc. As we went back into the bushes and the pathways we stayed on our regular way and were not completely sheltered from the rain for the forest roof. Yet, it did provide some help. We could hear the pitter patter on the leaves and inside us we knew and felt on energy levels that it was something different happening, - a rainfall, and dark. Soon a snake came slithering across the front of me. He was perhaps a bit startled out of somewhere by the rain. I thought of the kundalini force again on the one hand, and also of how a snake just needs to make its way across the forest floor on the other. We looked at one another and I took a picture. There was no thunder or lightning, and we got back in time to the main stretch of parking. Nobody was there. Another excursion completed, we hopped in and drove away.


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