Tuesday, May 31, 2016


For the most part quiet ensues in the summits and valley and along the winding path. Sometimes I think I hear something but it is not a coyote or even a squirrel but just some wind coming down from the sky and across the trees. Everything is subdued. The rains did not come. The rains like a beloved or old friend that had made a promissory note but did not follow through. Oh well. Some other time. I had waited for them, - thought I felt their presence or at least pretence in the breezes and somewhat electrical air. They went somewhere else. One day they will come in the night. Such a funny saying, ‘One day they will arrive in the night/’ those rains, - they went off towards the north or south. 

One thing did happen that was odd later was that I saw a plane, - well someone pointed it out to me, - and it flew through the sky with a dark cloud coming out from it- for miles and miles. I thought, now, - let’s see, - maybe it is an old plane and makes dark trails. But, - three funny things happened. The trails did not evaporate for a long time- perhaps fifteen minutes. Secondly, - the trails stopped. Then started- and it was definite. What kind of a plane that flies as high as a jet can turn off its engines and still fly? None. So- that means it was not an engine trail. Thirdly- the black did turn off eventually and the white started- that regular white that just evaporates within a reasonable minute or so. Odd- if there is something to the chemtrails- that was a chemtrail. In fact, - I noticed the sky was full of them. Anyhow- I try to as rule stay away from those topics. Those are dark ideas and happenings if they are happening. Bad vibrations, malevolent even. 

I concentrate on the chipmunk and bird, the wildflower and river, the sun and moon and swaying branches. Well, it was quiet. There was a guy that came out from almost nowhere. I had seen him once before. He looked unthreatening, but there is little I actually fear. He was as far in the forest as me, - which is a half hour in, and he had no friend, no dog, no walking stick. He was a bit startled by the dogs, but crouched down as to not threaten them. He knew for the most part what he was doing, rather than hover over them and act too afraid, angry, or dominant or passive. He was an equal. I still held Tessa back. He looked like the type of guy that had been in a war, though he was not wearing fatigues; - maybe a bit of PTSD or something like it was worn in his aura as I involuntarily but automatically read it. He tried to say, ‘Have a good one,’ but I could tell he did not talk much, and it came out as ‘Have good one,’ without the ‘a’. White, about 25-30, medium height and build. Ah, maybe just a guy going for a walk. Not a bad person I would think, - but I am not a super psychic. Usually an exercise enthusiast or real walking aficionado would go in there. He was on the cautionary scale just average- just a person. I have seen worse, - like the guy who I think might have been stringing up coyote legs and bones on the other side. That guy was weird.

 Come to think of it- though they are not the same person (I don’t think),- someone has been playing ‘Blair Witch’ a bit and arranging pieces of wood in odd shapes,- mostly triangles and pyramid shapes. A kid or kids should not and are not there, that I know of. So why would an adult do such a thing. Again, - it could be just someone playing around- but I have seen three of these designs- and though they don’t feel sinister per se- they feel a bit odd. A couple sticks for fun, sure- like people who arrange inishnooks or the reef that was brilliantly woven and left in a tree. You see such things eventually. But this was on the weird scale about a 2 or 3 out of five, which is a bit too high. Who knows? I thought I heard something on the way back far off, but couldn’t see anything. 

So, it was quiet, though I delve into things. A solitary guy, sure- that is no crime, - whoever he was. And- later, - more south of there, - possible chemtrails. But for the most part, - breezes (no rain unfortunately), wildflowers, greenery, shrubs, chaparral, a tree line, old logs, mushrooms, Trilliums, dandelions yellow and white, a cricket making its way across a path, some trees cut and organized by the old farmer and/or his helpers, the sky, the clouds, and the regular set of natural and now ‘summerful’ artifacts and atmospheres. 

And nearabouts the end two loud and spirited birds, hidden away up in those tall trees, yaking to one another about something. Possibly the latest gossip or complaining about yours truly coming by again and perhaps too close to a nest or something……….. 


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