Tuesday, August 16, 2016


It has rained all evening and into the morning. I looked at the clouds on the highway, the highway then like a large causeway stretching out with nothing on either side,- making its way to the North and to the South. I noticed that the clouds were heading south and fast for their dense and bulbous makeup. So, I figured I would be okay to the North, where it looked clear enough, - if not pristine for a moment. What I did not take into account was a batch of clouds I could not see, one that eventually came from the West North West,- and met me in my walk. But no worry, though it was drizzle and for a time,- there was not thunder or lightning,- and a little rain, as the saying goes, n’ver hurt no one…

I saw some wild grapes, - each one of a different coloring, - and the bunches were thick with themselves, - making for a robust feeling. The water still caught on them, living for a time on them, - being with them.

There were also little creatures like the ladybug and the earwig
that sat together to wait out the rain on strange green feral wildflower. So still they were,- but little parts moving,- alive surely.
 And also a grasshopper,- large,- just looking, like,- ya I got wet, but it’s okay- it’s all part of it.

Medium sized apples waited in the air, w/each other, - on two trees not that far apart. As I looked up and up and up, - (its not that the trees were so tall, - but I was down the bottom of an incline and they were planted and grown to a great type of fruition on a summit) - I saw more and more apples. Nice, those apples.

There were a few other things, - birds, - sounds, - and we walked slowly and waited out the rain under the cover of the perimeter forest where the tall trees provided a roof of sorts. Going back- still wet though- we took our time. Driving I saw some cow or bull with horns, - huge guy or girl- just sitting behind some trees. All the horses,- oddly enough- along the ways- or many- were out grazing,- w/out coats,- w/out fuss,- just there doing what they do. It felt good and well to finally come back- having gone, having seen a bit, - and to experience again the simple Zen like minimalist lines of a wall or a chair. It began raining again, and perhaps might all night and into the morning. 
It’s for the clouds, the gods and others, - and maybe that West North West area to decide……………………



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