Thursday, August 11, 2016


I met a little frog friend down by a marsh. He was ‘alright,’ and wasn’t like, overly coy or ‘watcha doin’ here?’ He just looked around. He even had some of his peeps w/him. The sun was just getting ready to begin a descent and the summer heat wave, still in effect, had really done a number on the flaxen and parched surrounding grasses. Behind me up the way was an impossibly long and mean looking eighteen wheeler truck, the kind that had a cab in the back of the front part, if you know what I mean. 

The frog…he lounged around a bit, and we both watched out at the sky whist sometimes he eyed me. I told him it looked nice around
there, - full of bugs, mosquitoes, actual and literal lily pads, like in a story, a fable, a poem, or a film. He was like, ‘Ya, we don’t have it bad, - the eatin’ is well and the predators are nil.’ It was a sanctuary of sorts, - and though a couple hundred feet from the big world, - what a world the transport truck and the beyond were. People, robotic, hypnotised by modernity, consumerism, mass media in its various forms, sycophantic, adorning things, holding things as idols- movie stars, magazines, sports, the rest…and above all,- money,- that old thing. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was said to have noted that ‘Nothing shows people up more than money.’ Too true. 

Well, we waited there for a bit. Frog went swimming. I looked around a bit more. There is a Blue Heron sanctuary around there, where the adult Herons nest in tall trees that come out of swamp or bog land. Man, when the sun goes down there are a few
moments as it is travelling where the trees and nests and a few large watchful but calm Herons are silhouetted against the sky and it’s sort of new pastel neon infused clouds. I saw it once and hope to see it again. The others, - sometimes I have to be around them, - to manoeuvre, jest, jostle, and so on. It’s the way of things. But when I am with what is beyond the transport truck, I am for the most part acting. When I am with the frog, heron, the cloud and quiet dusk, I am more me. 


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