Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The wind is tremendous then and sounds like not only like an ocean that surrounds the fields, but like and ocean crashing in on all sides. I would swear the two sounds are almost indistinguishable. It’s cleared everyone out, for the time being. When I get back there will be a lot full of cars and trucks. Yet, - there, then, - it’s empty. As it brings itself across the adjacent grasses they bend and bend, appearing silver in the dim light. Practically the entire sky is covered in thick and uninspiring clouds, - bordering on ominous. We stay still for a bit, look around, and take a rest. Some trees make shapes against the sky and the cover. A bunch of birds are either getting ready to travel to another part of the forest and fields, or have been startled by us- they come round and round, then fly back and forth and across and quite low. In the distance a red-winged black bird sits atop something. I look down and then up and he is gone. Flash. Blink. Dart. It’s a hilly part, out of the way, and in a way feels, or can often be, like a film or dream. Going and going and going. Little insects still make their way as the wind, though powerful, has not erased them. Some animal screams from a farm in the distance. It is nearly always screaming like that. I notice a wild turkey sense us and rises, moves away, and alights about another five hundred feet from where it was. We wait as if for rain, expect it, - but it does not arrive. A few little drops never harmed anyone, - but it’s not the time. Maybe the skies are waiting for the night to let out their drizzle and dance. Then, amidst all the verdant world,- is a solitary yellow wildflower waiting there, nestled, half-hidden by the side of a path. Hmmm, - hello wildflower, how are you? - What have you seen? - Quiet are you. Artifacts living, such as it, sometimes announce themselves if you are relaxed and not looking for them. Soon we head out of there, making our way along a long and solitary stretch of green grass mixed with dry light dirt, all the while thinking of the wildflower. 


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