Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The world there looks vast and empty. It’s the rural earth and the loams go on inexplicably towards the end of the sightlines. You can drive and drive and without a keen eye, a soul might say, - what is there to it (keyboard broken and question mark does not work- but the work must go on!). And there, if the vehicle or the foot slows, slows, and a certain languidness, a good one, - is left to wash over the mind and body and especially the eye- then much can be seen. Now- whether it is liked or not, - that is up to each individual- there are no guarantees regarding that. Certainly the ambitious, secular, worldly set would not care and even be prone to scornful attitudes and outlooks. A half-creative or sensitive soul might have some sympathy and think or say, - Yes, that is neat. 
But we here are all in. That means we have to find the secret angel inside of the old wooden
benches, and the deva and sprite by the plant and water fountain. We have to look and think and be, - next to the old garden wall. We are looking for satori, and it has found us, - up by a cemetery knoll overgrown with odd feral growth and yesterday and yester-years death! (The explanation point key still works). In short, by the odd rural railway ties, - eaten by the sun and army ants, - or by the windmill on the horizon line, - we are waiting for something and seeking it out at the same time. Can we wrest a poem from some old dirt and a coy moth (question mark). Will, as Joseph Campbell said, - the Gods take ten steps towards us if we venture to take one step in their direction (question mark).

There are, between two paradigms, - a chasm wider than oceans. `That is neat,`just won`t do.We are looking for enlightenment with a large E by the terra cotta parapet that you walk past on your way to something else. 


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