Friday, June 17, 2016


Driving out there it was noticed that there weren’t many cars or trucks. And the closer we got to the forest, the taller the trees became, the wider the fields, the longer the loams. Parking near some shade, I had made sure to bring some water and I also remembered a hat this time. The mosquitoes are acting up and there are some horse flies and black flies also. A bit cautious for the walk, because it was quite hot, I had already decided that we would go slow, stay for the most part in the thick shaded areas, and just take extra easy. I am a slow walker to begin with, and don’t make a very good walking partner. I am more solitary, and meant to go at my own pace. It was pleasant to see that a breeze, if a soft one, had come in. I thought for some reason as we began of Joseph Conrad, and a paragraph I had read earlier. It was about a ship in the morning, and there was much trouble as of late on that ship. In fact, the people were almost declaring mutiny. But the paragraph described the ship in the morning, the clean deck, the sun rising and hitting the railings, the solitary certain beauty and pureness of that moment of the ship going along there. But, the way he did, described it, seemingly effortlessly, had me amazed. I am not a Conrad scholar by any means, I just know what I like, and I have thought in my own way since I was a teenager that Joseph Conrad was the best writer that has ever lived. Sometimes I just open him up and read him, and then after a passage like that, close the book and reflect on it. In any event, as I walked along, the breeze picked up and the surrounding area seemed to contain that sound that imitated the sea. Though we were away, far away from any body of water, I thought,- somewhere there is a body of water, a Caribbean, a Red Sea, a Black Sea, and Atlantic coastline, an archipelago, and much more. That thought was enough to assuage a restless, allergy and summer cold ridden spirit.

Some squirrels made sounds rustling and running up trees, and some chipmunks jumped over logs. The dogs chased both but to no avail. I didn’t worry. They simply can’t catch them. It’s a nice mixture in there of forest and valley, leaves and flowers, Pines, Oaks, chaparral, shrubs, wildflower, labyrinthine and secreted paths, other. I saw an old toad, quite plump, and he jumped atop a moss laden log, I snapped a few pictures. I also was surprised to see how overgrown the open field was, - perhaps for the rains and humidity there as of late. We went so slowly, so very slowly, thinking of Joseph Conrad and the sea, of the little clouds dispersing. If someone could write just one paragraph like that, just close to that, to that ship making its way in the morning sun…then wow…then everything would be worth it. Immortal. I saw the ferns, and some plants that look exotic, southern, and grow fast and tall towards the blue sky in these months. I shall have to purchase a field guide to Southern Ontario flowers and trees and plants. I keep forgetting to do so. I took a bit of a different way once out in the open, and saw that the wild grasses where sprinkled and then saturated with white flowers and others that had red, pink, white, and perhaps purple all at once. I looked and looked upon them and stopped. What was it? I smelt them there in the air, the hundreds of them,- and it was them or something else- a sweet fragrant and exotic smell, an aroma both enchanting and engrossing, entertaining and even enthralling. Suddenly I was as if brought back to myself. I had the idea to write. I felt in stride. I knew things were well and even swell and better. I had found the mark, had hit, quite literally again, my stride. So I waited. I was in the middle of all things. I was the middle of all things. Sometimes there is a type of secret knowledge, not about something but just a Gnostic knowing, a type of knowing beyond mind, duality, and description.

And then, the thing, the muse, the good way being gotten, through providence, grace, karma, and maybe even a sprinkling of chance, we went out and back from there and headed away,- into the shaded and secreted parts of the forest again.


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