Monday, April 18, 2016


I was staring at the sun in the day. Nobody seemed to stop and notice it. I remembered the song by Bruce Springsteen that was re-made by Manfred Mann Earth Band. It’s not often that a song remake is enjoyed more than the original. Purely subjective of course, but I always liked the second one, the remake,-better. Well, both say,
Mamma always said not to look straight into the eyes of the sun…but mamma…that’s where the fun is!
Or something like that.
My longest and dearest friend in the writing world is a sun yogi, - and knows all about the sun. The sun is an interesting place. Was it the sun Van Gogh hurt his eyes, damaged his eyes, by looking at? And didn’t Theo or someone tell him not to do it? Thirdly, didn’t he paint the sun and/or the stars as spirals? I think later they found out that somehow light or such comes down spiraling. Something like that. I think Osho talked about this, made an anecdote of this.
I could be getting it all wrong.
The sun made a home for itself even over the cardboard cut out cookie land
of urban sprawl and unoriginal persons, shops, habits, mores, ways, modes, of unoriginal and uninspired talk and shop and nomenclature and pitch and idiom and sets.
The sun is more interesting than a thousand inhabitants of such a place that mimic on another like silly birds. Only a silly bird is better also. It can fly. These ones couldn’t fly with a million dollar jet!
I saw some glass heads in a store soon after. The last one was a Buddha bust. Ha ha- ,
Buddha, or ………….bust…………..
Enlightenment or bust!
So the heads before, all glass heads, were regular, and then the Buddha head. The Buddha head should have actually been the see-through one if you think about it, - because it would be the one with nothing there. They made for an okay sight. The evolution of the seeker………………………….
Soon the sun was going down and I tried to look at it and catch it in a frame. I like it and the clouds and heck, - even the lights at dusk and night. That type of breeze came along that somehow whispers that it wants to rain in an hour, or more, - yet…it didn’t happen.
But it shall.
Most things that are meant to, do. 


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