Saturday, April 16, 2016


Going along the way to where it dead-ends, - it could be seen that there were several cars. In fact I had expected even more than what was there. But most of them head a certain way. I walked the other way, and even continued past my normal two paths and took a third. It led down an impossibly beautiful hill and in a sudden moment near the bottom it feels as if entering a type of vortex, a positive one. It’s either an actual spiritual portal of some sort, or it is simply a pure area, rarely touched by human foot or hand, and hardly ever seen by human eye. Either way, - the few people that go there have mentioned outright that it feels different.

Once at the bottom there is an actual small stream going
through, and a large tree that has fallen over some time ago. On the rocks and ground grow moss of various sizes and textures. One is on the valley floor now, and about two to three stories under ground level. I always like that term, ‘stories’ because each level really does tell a story, - even in a forest.
Still, the sun shines down here and there. If there are coyote dens, which there are, - they are not far off. And if there is anything else, they are not far off. That area, any soul that looked upon it would surely agree, with its denseness and labyrinthine ways, - its meandering pathways that then disappear into bush upon bush,…houses some kind of gnostic secret! There is more- and if you go right of there, - you are really off the paths, - down and down further, and if there is a cave, a spirit hiding such as the nature sprite or tree deva, - it is down that way. Or, maybe they were right beside me, - watching me, watching us, - wondering what alien presence had sought to trample upon their environs. But I walked slowly and indeed tried not to be ‘heavy footed’ literally or figuratively. 

Going up from there, it takes about ten minutes and one
is back atop a Ridgeway and looking either down to the beginnings of the valley floor, or else out to the horizon, past the tall trees. The sky was a certain blue, thick, and delicious to look at and ponder. Along there we went, Tessa and Wolfie and I that is. Near the end of that path was a small green bamboo-like artifact, grown from the ground right into an interesting and shaded tree trunk with some moss. I crouched down and snapped a photograph.

Walking away from the top of the valley, we went down to the open area where the sandpit and the winding circular paths are. Soon enough, that path or parts of it will be framed with brown trees that hold both verdant leaves, leaves that always seem tropical to me, and bright red leaves also. For now, - it is getting ready- but as with the frame of a house or the outline of a story, you can get a good idea with a little imagination, - what it will look like. And with an amount of poetic-mythos-dreaming, - an inkling for what it will feel like.

Eventually we began to make our way back. A few more
pics, for instance, - of the sun hiding behind the trees, or little green berry-like growths, - were taken. We had spent some energy indeed, and inhaled the new sights and smells, the new intuitions! - Of springtime.

It was time to look once more back, and then forward, - to the street below the tall trees that would lead us out and back to the other, slightly more urban afternoon. 


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