Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Though the sun was bright and the rains had gone away there was still a chill all around. It is a liminal time and the warmth or humidity that is desired by most has simply not arrived. But alas, there is no ice or snow, no vexatious winds telling souls to get out of the forests and fields and retreat to abodes. We made our way to the beginning and set off. Not many people or dogs, - a good sign and a fine hour to journey. 
Yesterday, the rains had thrown the dogs off. They were recoiled, cautious, - all the odd scents that the water had brought perhaps out of the earth, the trees, the flaxen fields nearby. Twenty four hours later and the landscape, drier if not completely so, - was a better fit. We didn’t see our coyote ‘friend,’ and as mentioned somewhere recently before, I think he passed away. The regular trees, shrubs, feral branches and chaparral housed the sides of our path.

Near the end of that path, it begins to open up and this is where there is an old tree, solitary, watching the area. We didn’t see much of others, but the dogs ran in the sand pit and especially on its ridges, ledges. To head back, I thought it might be well to go through the thicker part of the forest, right along the top of the deep valley. This is where we saw tall trees and the blue sky, (which is no longer taken for granted as it has been grey and uninspired and uninspiring so often this spring season,)- peaked out here and there. Sometimes planes could be heard, the single engine small affairs. I can tell usually whether they are coming or going.

Continuing on, we took the extra-long way, and went down to a beautiful and rarely taken pathway. It leads to the valley floor before meandering up again to a more common passageway that links to the beginning. I would swear, being a sensitive that the energy is vastly if not markedly different once you hit the near bottom of the path. In fact, today I felt the energy change, - the actual foot or inches where it shifts into a more pure, pristine, and therefore naturally benevolent aura. There is an old growth tree that has fallen in a storm, and the ground is covered in pine needles (soft like a carpet). There is moss everywhere, and it grows in numerous shades, sizes, hues, textures. It can be seen on the rocks, the alive trees, the dead ones, parts of the ground. 

On the way up and out from there is an old abandoned car. Passing it, there are only a few minutes left before the outer world is met up with, - the more travelled forest, - and the almost secret and mystical vortex is left behind for hopefully another time.

The energy shifts back.

It’s time to go home and so that is what we do. 


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