Thursday, November 17, 2016


I was going over Macbeth for someone the night before. Thinking about the witches and how bad they were. Then in the morning I walked a forest path. I don’t talk much about the synchronicities because they are too numerous and large. In effect, most people would not believe them. I certainly would not. I would say, This guy or gal is putting you on. But ‘tis true what I say. This is but one. I was walking and it was early and I had the impulse to say in my head God God God God God God God God God God God. And then I ran into the two. I scooped down to kind of gather the dogs that had seen them and were curious. We exchanged a few words. Prosaic, everyday words. They did not tell me I was going to be King or that no man borne of woman could harm me. I gathered myself and my friends and wished them a good day, but just as I was standing upright, about half-way up, - I glanced to the white witches and saw that one of them was holding a dangling clear rosary. The crucifix swayed somewhat under the beads, under the decades, and the sun, still to the East and rising, shone beautifully upon her prayer beads. I knew psychically right away that she had them for protection and help, though I don’t know exactly what they were up to. Then I thought, Oh, - that is a good, no, that is better than good, - that is what I would call a great sign. If thought about, I am in the middle of nowhere and chanting God and through human means yes, - but through the universe a crucifix appears and with the sun shining all round it. You would have to be spiritually dead or of the highest skeptical order to not see it. Then we continued on and I began my mantra/japa once more as I entered upon the summit of the deep valley wall. God God God God God…


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