Thursday, October 6, 2016


There is a spider full of belly and the sun crowns her head. I saw her sunning in the middle of the web that was affixed to a piece of wood and ran long across the day and into a tree where it disappeared. But the spider either saw me or felt and sensed some kind of vibration as I went to photograph it. Hurrying away quickly it left under some cover and stayed there. I was outsmarted in a way by the spider. I stood there thinking but I didn’t think much. I waited for her to come out, but she was coy and infused with some kind of intelligence. I think she is also pregnant. But, unlike other humans, I had no intention of harming her else I would have already done so. And if I couldn’t find her, I would have destroyed the web. But I just wanted to see her. It looked like I upset her to a degree. Looking up and away, there were cumulus, a red flower in the sun, some birds, and the rest of the sky. I walked away, into the air of day. I looked briefly at some jalapeƱo peppers that seemed robust, ready. But I waited, because someone said they are supposed to turn from green to red and then back to green and then be picked. I don’t know either way. I waited. I wait. I wait for the peppers and the autumnal sun to burn itself out a bit, to let the cool nights come as promised. Well, nobody really promised anything I guess. I wait. The sun should leave as it burns my eyes. It can go somewhere else, - to the other side of the earth. I would like the moon. I am a moon type. I would like to see the spacious night, the bat before at dusk, and to hear the wind and pensively remember that the leaves will turn hue, - orange, yellow, gold, red, and brown. Then we will write prose poems in the creative months, and photograph the landscapes that both drip with color and chime with birds that gather to talk about southern migratory paths. And the spider? Well I don’t know what shall become of the spider. For now her belly is full and she may sneak out again for many creatures like a bit of sun. I’ll leave her be. She has her business to tend to and I have mine. 


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