Friday, October 14, 2016


The dog gazed across the feral fields and the sun was bright as it was like summer had extended itself into the autumn days then. Nobody would notice if they were there, and besides, no other souls were there, but there was a lady bug living on the top of some strange feral bush that rose from the sides of the sand. Way in behind there where the forest really begins in earnest, a mushroom, almost like a fake mushroom for its great composition and synchronistic looks, waited and watched the world and the yellow flowers and the clouds. Sometimes it was winter there, and as of recent years the winter had been a furious, a vexations thing. I thought that the wind it brought was actually angry and mentioned to someone once as much. Those were times to get indoors as soon as possible and if I didn’t have the right boots or boots at all, my feet would practically freeze inside my running shoes. There were times then that I thought even the dogs wanted to go home. Spring brought much more respite and the waters and creeks flowed while the world melted and little flowers cautiously at first, and then more valorously, rose adroitly to attention in the fields and around bogs and marshes and loams. The summer, as hot as the winter was cold, felt oppressive and far too humid. It was not like a time of old where it was say, 26 or 27 degrees Celsius and a light breeze. No, not at all. It was over thirty and the wind had died and the animals were too hot while there were other problems like mosquitoes. At that time there was not a dreadful feeling but certainly could be coined a lack of inspiration creatively and walking wise, for each day was the same and there was a drought and a lack of textured thunderstorm skies and clouds. There was even a lack of a proper dream life so mundane and mediocre the weather and the surrounding summits and fields had become. Yet, - nothing lasts forever, - and the autumnal breezes arrived and soon the October nights, thank God, finally killed off the summer. So then, as now,- the dog or dogs can gave across fields and be interested by the wind and sights rather than practically subdued by the sun, scorching and far overrated no matter what the worshippers tell ya. 


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