Sunday, September 4, 2016


The same. But beautiful. I took them out in the relatively early morning hours to get in a good walk before the temperature rose. There was still some wind, some vestige of the evening. And the evening had been a good one, - cool or cool-ish at the least, not oppressive, - and it made one to stare out windows at the clear sky, the little dipper, the big dipper, - whatever else. I was listening to a guest on the radio show, - an interesting interview- guy by the name of Alex Collier I believe, - if I got the spelling correct. 
Anyhow- the early morning sun. The clouds. The night wrapped up and gone to sleep on its own. The old car was down there, - and moss, clovers, a marshy bog-like place. No coyotes, - none that I saw, - though they could be watching. Sometimes I stopped, like a shaman of some sort, - a self-anointed and self-appointed one anyways, - a wanna-be-shaman, lol- and stood incredibly still- waiting for something….for what, I had and have no idea. 

Maybe a message.

Perhaps a vision.

With luck some sort of Providence.

Or could it be a sign, a totem, a something.

Who is to know? In any event, - it did seem like the butterflies were following me- have been- white and orange and blue and other…………………but it could be they spawned or breaded there, - or it could be magical- what model do you use, does one use? - Or do they both ultimately meet? Well, - we walked along the ridge, - soon at the opening the dogs ran like flashes of light------------------------------------------------------------------and I looked around-,-we rested in the tall and shaded grasses under a series of Evergreen Trees.

There was still nobody and no animal. I remember the hawks flying across and out from the
distant tree line, - and wished to see them-but they have vanished.

Soon we made our way back. Good enough. What is the saying? - Bad news travels fast. Well- sometimes as the cliché goes, - No news is good news. - And we didn’t have a heck of a lot to report which was fine with us. Minding our own business, happy to feel the new day and be w/out any major dilemma. A bird, having alighted on some branch in the distance, looked back and me, at us, - and then took off way longer down that particular pathway. It disappeared quickly, just as it had arrived.

I smiled and thought to myself something like, Almost like a vision anyhow…


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